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19-12-2022, 15:12

Isolated Pleasure Ch.1.4

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Isolated Pleasure Ch.1.4


Visual Novel

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A virus epidemic kills 80% of worldwide population. Anarchy and lawlessness rule the world. The social system collapse. Five protagonists try to escape to a hidden basement from two different places. Two protagonists - Alex (21) and Masha (41) - reach the place with a car. The three others - Victor (46), Michaela (20), Diana (19) - get in trouble on the way to the basement from another location.
Seven months later, Alex and Masha start to loose the last hope to see Victor, Michaela and Dasha, again. They are on their own. They have a lot questions and they wait for "normal" times. Nevertheless, they try to live an ordinary life. The isolation, loneliness, and natural desires for passion and love has a permanent influence on both. Thoughts and moral concepts changes. The things get difficult, but also interesting...


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