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10-02-2023, 15:20

Bull Bunny Cuck v.0.3.1

Android Games


Bull Bunny Cuck v.0.3.1


Visual Novel

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Type of publication:In development





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You’re just a normal young person, with college, video games, and a part time job.
But there’s something strange happening in the town of Greymont. The mostly white town is undergoing a bit of a change and you can’t quite put your finger on it.
Between all the protests, crime increase, political upheaval, and changing culture, you just don’t know how to feel, and where you fit in.
Discover the secrets of your community, and make choices that will change the course of your life and that of your community.
Are you a dominant black alpha male who takes no guff,
a pretty young white woman that trying to find her place in the world,
or are you a confused white boy who does as he’s told.
The choice is yours...​



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