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24-02-2023, 18:29

Acadia University

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Acadia University


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You recently enrolled at Acadia University, a prestigious men's institution known for its excellent education system. It is a very exclusive institution with a worldwide reputation; just to go there is already a prestigious achievement! Graduates achieve great success and become influential members of society.

You, however, are not thrilled... Acadia was not your first school, but your parents demanded that you get in, strictly making you study hard. After they made some "donations" to Acadia, you were accepted. You will be expected to study even harder and do well, especially considering the cost of tuition and the reputation of the school.

What you (and your parents) don't know is that the entire school is run by a twisted, female-dominated faculty who are excellent at coaching young men. There is no one better to channel all that excited energy into something productive, and these women can be especially persuasive in getting boys to learn and behave well.


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