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24-03-2023, 08:27

Suspended Sex Simulator ~Bound Mama and the Four Goblins~ v.1.0.2

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Suspended Sex Simulator ~Bound Mama and the Four Goblins~ v.1.0.2



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NEET Corp. and real time sexual discipline game creator Yabukara-dou presents to you Yorimitsu Mama suspended in air and... at the mercy of lewd little goblins. Her body ready for ravishing, her fate in their grimy clutches. Endless sexual discipline in smoothly animated Live2D!

A new kind of "touchy feely" game. With the control of the mouse alone, you can enjoy seamless titty swinging animation and alter her body to with a variety of parts (dildos, cow-ears, horns, etc.) to suit your taste! You can even adjust the amount she squirts, the speed an strength of dildo vibration, her skin color, and breast / clit size!

Big tits, bondage, interspecies sex, object penetration, genital piercing, faphole treatment, petrifaction, candle-ification, time stopping, urophagia, and more fetishistic situations await you!

All your actions are exacted in real time. She will display shame and pleasure just like the real thing!
Check out the sample video to get an idea of how it looks.


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