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19-06-2023, 07:43

The Null Hypothesis

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The Null Hypothesis


Visual Novel

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This is an adventure/dating simulation game set in the X-Men universe, written in Ren'Py. We take inspiration from the comic books. This game wouldn't exist if the creators hadn't played and been inspired by Oni's Rogue-Like.

You are a mutant whose abilities manifest themselves in dramatic fashion when you are attacked by an ancient and malevolent entity. You are taken in by Charles Xavier, who runs a school for mutants to protect them and help them learn to control their abilities.
When you arrive at the school, you meet a variety of characters in various roles at the school, including Storm, Rogue, X-23, and Jean Grey.
You quickly learn that all of these characters are... are lonely. Some of them are interested in you from the beginning; others consider you beneath them. Through various interactions, scenes, and events, you can change the characters' attitudes toward you.
As you explore the school and your growing abilities, there will be global events that will test the strength and character of your budding relationships.



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