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The Queen Must Be Defeated

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The Queen Must Be Defeated



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The main mission is to defeat the Queen, because you have been captured by her kingdom. You, with a help of a warrior, will have to archieve this mission.

This game has a lot of chance and luck, the key is to search for the chests that can give you all kind of items, even one of the 3 legendary items that will help you to defeat the Queen.

Chests, gates and other objects will work just by clicking on it (or tap if you play on the mobile version) To attack an enemy you should just click the enemy (or tap the enemy on the mobile version)

Fight instance is simultaneous; when you attack the enemy, the enemy will attack you too. Stats will define the outcome.

Depending on your luck, you can have better items really quickly, or you will have to search a little bit to get them. Depending on that luck, maybe you’ll die, a lot of times.

When you die, the levels will restart. You’ll not lose your experience, and you’ll not lose your items. When levels restart, you will have the chance to search all the chests again, that way you have more chances to obtain legendary items.

Enemies have a chance to being captured, and some have items that you can take. Sometimes some enemies will give you items only when the enemy is captured, if you don’t take it, you will have to fight again with that enemy when you reset the game.

For example, the first floor’s last enemy will give you the first key. If you don’t take that key, you will lose it, and you’ll have to restart the game to get it. This enemy is the only one that has a 100% chance of capture. All other enemies have diferent chances (according to your equipped items)

The warrior’s stress is represented by a light blue bar, this represent the precision, and you start with 0, you will not fail when you attack. Some enemies when attack will give you stress, if this bar reaches 100%, you will not able to attack.

If your stress level is too high, and you are unable to lower it, the recomended action is to start a New Game. Because you’ll be unable to continue the game, even if you have legendary items.

Depending on the reception of the game, a completely free DLC will be developed, this will be informed on our website, or on this same channel.


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