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15-11-2023, 13:16

Simulation 69 Ep.3

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Simulation 69 Ep.3


Visual Novel

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Simulation 69 Ep.3

It was an ordinary life surrounded by 3 beautiful women, while the protagonist was coming to terms with his tragic past. Then the headaches started to appear, each time getting worse and worse; as if that wasn't enough, his memory started to fail as well. Something was wrong, definitely something was wrong. Strange things started appearing all over the place at different moments. It's like living inside a failing computer.....

The GG is a gleeful guy with a fickle mood who is ready to go back to college. Uncover the source of the strange phenomenon, meet colorful characters, choose the path your protagonist takes, and enjoy a twisted, humorous visual novel with a unique take on the entire genre.


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