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My Strange Sis v1.0

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My Strange Sis v1.0
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My Strange Sis v1.0

This is story about a guy who ran away from his family in order to study in a different city. However, the real reason he ran away from home is that he was fleeing his sister, for whom he has carnal feelings. While it may seem like this is just another B/S incest-themed story, it’s not “just another incest game.” Instead, our game’s storyline is set in a modern urban fantasy setting. The narrative takes center-stage in this game. How well you manage your relationship with your sister is pretty tightly coupled to this setting. It’s pretty difficult to separate the two. Additionally, the game’s plot offers diverse choice.

Currently, there are already fifteen significant variations in terms of the evolution of the narrative that can occur in the game. We are expecting to have at least five different “good” or “canonical” endings, not including the bad ones. So, in a single playthrough, you won’t even see half the content that has been created.

We are also animating the interactive erotic scenes, making them not only interactive, but also animated. There are currently two such scenes in the game. These scenes are not the ones narrated purely through text.

Although there will only be one female protagonist in the game, she is customizable among three personalities. These customizations will influence how she responds and reacts to the different scenarios you two encounter, as well as her clothing, and even the events that you can trigger with her.
Her customization will also extend to her appearance via customizing her hair, skin, eyes, etc.

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