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24-08-2021, 16:06

Forbidden Fruit v.0.4 Reworked

Android Games
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Forbidden Fruit v.0.4 Reworked
Release date:2021
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Original (licensed)
Language:English | Russian

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Where one story ends, another begins.

Leo and Maya are adults and educated people. A brother became a pilot, while his sister graduated with honors from college.
Before building their lives, they decided to visit their old people. And remember how they spent time together, gathering at the same table and discussing family problems.
The mother told the children that their father had received a letter in which it was written that an expedition was going to the Bermuda Triangle to one of the islands. And Adam is invited as a guide. He, of course, caught fire with this invitation and immediately went on this expedition.
Leo and Maya investigate their father's office, looking for clues on how to get to this island and what their father has been up to all along.
They find a strange book with mysterious images of unusual creatures. The book depicted creatures unknown to science. They looked like creatures from different religions, half-humans, half-beasts, chimeras, plants with teeth. The animals are huge.

Following the coordinates described in the book, they flew from one place to another for a long time, and already began to doubt that this island existed at all, when suddenly the outlines of the island they needed began to appear in the distance in front of them from nowhere.
Just a little and they can start looking for their father!

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