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3-11-2021, 15:29

Femboy Holy Order Rascal

Android Games
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Femboy Holy Order Rascal
Release date:2021/05/21
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Femboy Holy Order Rascal begins in the Tights Village, where Rascal and his lover, Jessica, were living happily together. When the Kingdom of Morcs attacks, Jessica helps Rascal escape but ends up captured in the process. After escaping the raid on Tights Village, Rascal flees to Macaroon village and tells the elder what happened. The elder tells him that after Mercedes became the queen of demons, she has severely taxed the villages. Anyone who couldn't pay them or otherwise resisted Queen Mercedes rule was sent to Satan’s prison: a forced labor camp. Worried about what might happen to Jessica and the rest of the town, Rascal sets out to Satan’s prison.

The main goal of gameplay is to avoid being hit, and damage can be sustained through two gameplay modes. The first involves being chased by pursuers; as you are touched, your health will decrease a little bit at a time until you are too weak to continue. The second involves classic-styled, turn-based combat. You can always view Rascal’s health status on the right of the screen. Additionally, more femboys will gradually join him in his quest for Satan’s Prison, and these party members also abide by the same gameplay rules. If you end up losing or running out of health, you receive an H-scene where the party of femboys is raped by both men and women.

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