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Special request v.1.4

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Special request v.1.4
Release date:2022/10/28
Type of publication:In development

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Laura, a young married woman, is a marketing professional-perhaps the best in her city.
and leads a reasonably happy life with her husband, working for a haute couture clothing company in which she is comfortable
and which she does not want to leave, despite the abundant attention of headhunters. One day a young man shows up at her office.
She at first mistakes him for one of them, but he quickly introduces her to some very delicate photographs which, no doubt,
to her shock, Laura appears... It is immediately apparent from the setting and the participants in the photos that they were taken at Laura's recent party with her friends
in a bar where several strippers had been called and the end of which she strangely does not remember, although she only missed a couple of cocktails...
The young man's demands are to join his company, or be prepared to publish photos that could ruin Laura's career and family
Laura. A company engaged in the production of adult products and which has special rules of conduct and a system of punishments for employees...

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