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4-04-2020, 16:58

SEQUEL blight 2.10

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SEQUEL blight 2.10



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38 base CG / 76 erotic scenes.
Content may increase via updates.
Thematically, most of the erotic content is female dominating, protagonist submissive.
There are some otokonoko (cross-dressing pretty boys) that make an appearance.
You can skip the scenes if you are not to fond of that genre.
Reminiscence room feature included / in the same room, scene unlock hints available.
Message skip-ability / text log / window obscuring features included.
* Regarding Gameplay
RPG: approx 25 hours long
New game + possible (There are no contents which require you to replay.)
Can save wherever you want during movement phase.
Can select and change the difficulty at any time you wish.
The games content will not change by difficulty.
Even if you get defeated, there is not particularly any penalty.
You revive at the nearby town.


4 May 2022 07:41
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