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Bunny Girls Don't Give Up v.1.13 / バニーガールはくじけない

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Bunny Girls Don't Give Up v.1.13 / バニーガールはくじけない
Original title:バニーガールはくじけない
Release date:2018/02/14
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Anna, one of a tribe of rabbit girls, lives in a border town on the peninsula of Stevear.
She works as a blacksmith, specializing in creating weapons and tools from the sacred stone
under the guidance of the teacher Adolfo. One day, a suspicious person appears near their house
and leaves a letter. In the letter, Anna learns that on Stivar appeared the sacred stones in the number of five pieces,
and they are scattered all over the peninsula. The very existence of a sacred stone is a dangerous business.
Their power is to drive living beings mad and exaggerate the darkness in their souls. Since their appearance will cause big problems,
Anna must go on a trip to save the peninsula of Stevear.

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