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Nodocchi Fantasy ~Adventure Across The Country of Seasons~ / NodocchiFantasy~四季の国の冒険~

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Nodocchi Fantasy ~Adventure Across The Country of Seasons~ / NodocchiFantasy~四季の国の冒険~
Original title:NodocchiFantasy~四季の国の冒険~
Release date:2018/10/05
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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One day, she is overwhelmed by a bright light and sent to an unfamiliar world.
It later turns out that she is in the Country of Seasons, where four crystals exist--
each control a corresponding season.

"Disturbance of the crystals' power emerged."

Hearing that, she, despite assuming it to be a dream, sets off on a journey to fix the crystals.

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