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24-02-2020, 12:20

Ikenai Kozukuri 4 ~Namaiki na Aneki ga Jitsu wa Ore no Semen ga Daisuki Datta!?~

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Ikenai Kozukuri 4 ~Namaiki na Aneki ga Jitsu wa Ore no Semen ga Daisuki Datta!?~
Release date:2017/04/28
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The hero Suzuya Ren lives with his older sister in the apartment in Tokyo, and goes to the preparatory school every day.
The older sister was too impeccable physically and according to her abilities, and so she looked arrogantly at her younger brother.
And he, though he looked at her as the opposite sex, could not honestly admit his feelings.
One day, Wren came back early and found her sister masturbating in her room.
"Fooaa .... the smell, the smell of Rena, ah ..."
Sister breathed in the smell of cowards, and rubbed the smell with an admiring face.
Ren felt very excited, and instinctively pushed her onto the bed, as a result of having sex with her.
After sex, Wren asked his sister if she liked it, but she answered with a red face. "I just liked the smell of Ren", denying romantic feelings.
Ren regretted his words, but now he can, using his smell, do with the impudent older sister what he wants and when he wants! This is joy.

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