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Tsuma ni Naisho no JK Anal Choukyou ~Imouto ni Anal no Yousa o Oshieru Gikei~

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Tsuma ni Naisho no JK Anal Choukyou ~Imouto ni Anal no Yousa o Oshieru Gikei~
Release date:2017/05/26
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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"Because of my frigidity ... I'm thinking about the termination of the engagement"
After school, my half-sister, Nikaida Kikuno, came to me for consultations.
The decision about the engagement was taken at a very young age, and Nikaida is a well-known family.
Nevertheless, Kikuno was in the past kidnapped by a pervert for the purpose of ransom, and apparently she developed a trauma in the form of frigidity.

I'm sorry of course, but she's my half-sister ... I can not help her to the fullest.
Thinking like that. I decided to act as usual. Yes ... as usual.

"If you do not feel anything as a secret place, you can improve another sexual place." Anal ... in other words, anus. "
"Aaaanus !! Brother, what a dirty ...."

It seems that not wanting from the beginning, I smiled, seeing that Kikuno is set up with determination about the engagement.
This woman is really easy to handle.

"And so, what should I do ..."
"Take off your underwear, and get on all fours on the bed."

Kikuno lay down on the bed in the nurse's room, lifting the back of the body, as I said.

"Brother, please, cure my illness ..."

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