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1-07-2020, 15:20

Oppai Baka -Oppai Igai wa Mitomenai!!- おっぱいバカ -おっぱい以外は認めない!!-

Japanese Games
Oppai Baka -Oppai Igai wa Mitomenai!!- おっぱいバカ -おっぱい以外は認めない!!-
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:おっぱいバカ -おっぱい以外は認めない!!-
Release date:2007
Censorship:In the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Youta is a high school student, and moves back to his hometown. But, it looks like something has been changed. Their residential areas are divided by their breasts cup sizes. Breasts are now the center of everything! Just enjoy Oppai (breasts) life!!!

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