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Sangoku Musou: Empress of Tragedy

Japanese Games
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Sangoku Musou: Empress of Tragedy
Release date:2016/03/18
License:Original (licensed)
Language:English | Japanese | Chinese
Platform:PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

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Red Dragonfly presents
Sangoku Musou (lit., "Three Kingdom Reverie")
A High level Realtime R18 + 3D Action RPG

- Dazzling battles and erotica rendered with high spec technology

- Full 3D open world gameplay with free camera movement
Experience battles in ways that could never happen in 2D
Freedom of perspective, freedom of mobility, a world of natural light
Created by one of the environmental designers of Witcher 3

- Evolved visceral attacks
Combat overflows in intense, flesh to flesh battles
Combo up with diverse skills in exhilarating confrontations with diverse monsters

- Ragdoll physics
Unleash attacks that repel and even fling enemies
There's an unexpected joy in the crushing of tentacles

- Real time simulation system
Erotica is imbued with kinesthesia with real time clothes and hair simulation

- Diverse costumes
Change the heroine's wardrobe any time, all earned by slaying monsters
The more options the more you can diversify ecchi scenes

- Dozens of species, one hundred erotic scenes
Discover 50+ monsters and 100+ ecchi scenes in combination.
Tragedy often in this beautiful, dangerous world
Download lust grimm download.

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