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28-07-2020, 12:25

Strip Battle Days / ストリップバトルデイズ

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Strip Battle Days / ストリップバトルデイズ
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:ストリップバトルデイズ
Release date:2014/10/31
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Undress! Hero 'll not a Makoto !!

Stemming from the April Fool planning, overflow of baseball fist game "strip Battle Days".
And "Days" series of popular characters who appeared, undressing and fought the etch that game appeared again!
In addition to what "SHINY DAYS" 10 people of its predecessor, which was announced as a benefit of, "tiny words", "Katsura sisters", "school girls of mind", And forest Raimi, Hatakeyama wheat also participated!
Overflow fan, especially words like believers & mind-chan love your Nichan-tachi must-see !!

Game is first to select a partner heroine, rock-paper-scissors game with each opponent. The Nugashi the clothes, and development in Nagawari mode if you win 3 times!

Using a hand-mouth Nani, I will macro touch the heroines until gauge is full tank

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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