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15-08-2020, 08:56

Dungeon's Legion 1.0.0.a / ダンジョンズレギオン-魔王に捧ぐ乙女の肢体-

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Dungeon's Legion 1.0.0.a / ダンジョンズレギオン-魔王に捧ぐ乙女の肢体-
Original title:ダンジョンズレギオン-魔王に捧ぐ乙女の肢体-
Release date:2020/08/15
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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This game is a defense strategy simulation game in which the main character, the devil, leads the demons under his control and fights against humans invading the dungeon.
The "strategy phase" to solidify the defense of the dungeon and the "defense phase" to attack the invading enemy are repeated alternately. At first, a small dungeon with only a few goblins is a powerful demon or auger. We will transform it into an impregnable fortress where the tribes live.
Attack nearby villages, use the captured village girls as "seed beds" to breed demons, and protect the dungeon as a combat unit.
Capturing enemy heroine units such as female swordsmen and priestess will allow you to "train".
As the training progresses, it eventually "falls evil" and swears loyalty to the Demon King.
The fallen heroine can be used as a combat unit just like the demons.

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