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17-08-2020, 09:33

Bakunyuu Inran Katei Kyoushi / 爆乳淫乱家庭教師

Japanese Games
Bakunyuu Inran Katei Kyoushi / 爆乳淫乱家庭教師
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:爆乳淫乱家庭教師
Release date:2013/10/25
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

Protagonist semen has the properties of aphrodisiac! Hooray!
A woman goes crazy about your sperm and does whatever you tell her!
These two are drawn into a chain of debauchery games, joined together by their bodies before their hearts are united.
But maybe the quantity will turn into quality, and her love for the hero will wake up in her heart?
A hardcore adventure that includes a slightly twisted love story.
With the arrival of a mysterious exchange student from the southern countries of Miyoni, the protague room is painted in dark pink! What kind of future awaits him?
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