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17-08-2020, 10:05

Holy Knight Francoise / 聖騎士フランソワーズ

Japanese Games
Holy Knight Francoise / 聖騎士フランソワーズ
Original title:聖騎士フランソワーズ
Release date:2014/08/04
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Francoise is a poor nobleman of Tengaikodoku is,
She lived a noble girl, but very poor. So poor that she had no substitute for cowards ...
And she lived in a wreck in the downtown area. Such a poor wreck - that only the cot was there. And about her parents, the author of the game forgot to write, so she became an orphan, miserable.
And she worked as a ranger (with a bow), she went and hunted the undead. And then one day the assignment was given to her, to find the color .. sorry .. a piece of red .....

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