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19-08-2020, 08:44

SEXY DANCE! Nui de kasei de gekijo unei / セクシーダンス! ぬいでかいででいきょうね

Japanese Games
SEXY DANCE! Nui de kasei de gekijo unei / セクシーダンス! ぬいでかいででいきょうね
Original title:セクシーダンス! ぬいでかいででいきょうね
Release date:2015/06/08
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Hey, everyone! This is the Obota!
Iku Ratio Research presents to you a new genre "RPG-Simulator of the strip club owner"!
Owning a club is not so easy, and these responsibilities are assigned to you.
• Hit the customers with dances;
• Each dancer has his own skills;
• Your popularity will grow with your customers;
• You are waiting for a lot of different events;
• Release all the girls on the dance floor and get various assignments from each of them;
• Use HP and MP, during dances;
• If MP (points) decrease to zero, then the girl will receive a salary;
• Dancers can be trained;
• HP is updated after every show, and MP is not, so use MP points wisely!

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