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21-08-2020, 10:50

Akiba Roshutsu - Perverted M Girl Training / アキバロシュツ-変態M女調教

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Akiba Roshutsu - Perverted M Girl Training / アキバロシュツ-変態M女調教



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Akiba Roshutsu - Perverted M Girl Training / アキバロシュツ-変態M女調教

She contacted me and told me to wait for her at Akibahara's Electric Town.
She appeared a little later and in a very provocative dress.
It was obvious that she did not wear a bra, since I could see her nipples - they stood out on her clothes.
I wonder what she expected by inviting me to walk here ...
Correctly. My friend is a perverted, shy girl.



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