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Satan woman 2 / 悪魔女遊猟記2

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Satan woman 2 / 悪魔女遊猟記2
Original title:悪魔女遊猟記2
Release date:2014/01/28
Censorship:There are in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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- Witch corps of eggplant evil enemy wanted Ya come back into the world of people
- Let's rape and beat out the powerful witches!
- horizontal scrolling dot picture erotic action of the surface clear type.
To defeat the witch rampant in the way, we will proceed while rape on the spot.
- Choice of clothing, undressing by making a follow-up.
It is also reflected in the rape at the time of course!
- Beginning with Doggy from the normal position, Fucking, gangbang, fucking zombie, reverse rape, Deep Throating, etc. Tentacle fuck ...
- If you defeat the boss to listen to last all five stages, each side of
Yes CG rape event of punitive boss after.
- also bonus mode of promise!
- Captures the character of the woman all "prison of witches"
· "Summon Zombie"! Into orgy mode by causative immortality who
- The "Infinite rape mode" committed to continue forever
- HP and grown in auto save feature, bonus elements that are open will be saved automatically. Rate this genre incest hentai games.

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