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22-08-2020, 08:25

Traveler VS Hero Egg / 旅の仲間対勇者の卵

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Traveler VS Hero Egg / 旅の仲間対勇者の卵



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First there was Princess Doll vs. Hero, then there was JK Robot vs. Company Man.
Now, Somme Works presents the 3rd clash of good and evil (?) With Travelers vs. Hero Egg,
A game of endurance against a seductress by the name of Panstonas.
The protagonist is the level of his monster-slaying power with the help of a party.
At that time, a succubus appears to feed on his essence. .
She dies with him.
The hero's armor and powers are weakened little by little. Oh no!
Yet if he does not have those dreams, his sexual desire and cum will build ...
And build ... and when it reaches a certain amount, he's commit real world transgressions.


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