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22-08-2020, 09:18

LOVExEVOLUTION Hard Core ~Chinatu Ver~ / LOVExEVOLUTION Hard Core〜中国版〜

Japanese Games
LOVExEVOLUTION Hard Core ~Chinatu Ver~ / LOVExEVOLUTION Hard Core〜中国版〜
Original title:LOVExEVOLUTION Hard Core〜中国版〜
Release date:2010
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Game studio Evee (Slave) graphics as always on top.
In general, what we have: 1 girl and 3 guys, 4 scenes.
Translation of the description from the Japanese (robot):
I live in this land, they have spread as far as agricultural land,
More than 100 rural meters from the neighbors about.
Speaking of such entertainment in the country, but what this summer festival.
And the steps in this only locals know the best places,
I noticed that people Tsu under the tree.
I wonder if anyone looked at the moment this person should be seen pound.
Reru, who say that the situation is now.
Beautiful ... words can not express.
The first meeting with Chinatsu, the day was a pleasant evening, they are temporarily on holiday in the summer heat.
Chika is a brother [cf. More Well, I say what I said
Chinatsu generally there is no reason not to reject his brother ...
My brother with all my friends ... a lot of things ... I have a lot of H
So ... today I'm going to the Datsu pool ...
Chika, Chika [Today, more and more Well, I think I'm saying how GANBAROU become ...

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