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School Dot Fight / スクールドットファイト

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School Dot Fight / スクールドットファイト
Original title:スクールドットファイト
Release date:2017/07/22
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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This is a pixel-based erotic side scrolling action game.
Contains 5 stages with various difficulty levels.
"Invincible Mode" is available for those who are not good at action games.
* Story
An elder sister Ichika solely sneaks into an academy in order to rescue
Her little sister Futaba. But the students at the academy assault her.
Will Ichika and Futaba be lucky enough to see each other again?
* Erotic Scenes
When Ichika takes clothing damage and is incapacitated,
The enemies nearby will assault her with the intent to r * pe.
Scenes consist of over 20 patterns of pixel art animation!
Normal positions, cat ears & anal beads cat tail, giant d * ck penetration,
Bamboo sword torment, flying pencils, road cone violation, bestiality,
Mischief at the hands of little brats, and a whole lot more situations!

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