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27-08-2020, 09:41

Tifa Is Stuck: Infiltration Gone Wrong / 敵のアジトに潜入したけど狭い穴に挟まり身動きとれなくなっちゃうティ●ァ!

Japanese Games
Tifa Is Stuck: Infiltration Gone Wrong / 敵のアジトに潜入したけど狭い穴に挟まり身動きとれなくなっちゃうティ●ァ!
Original title:敵のアジトに潜入したけど狭い穴に挟まり身動きとれなくなっちゃうティ●ァ!
Release date:2013/06/29
Censorship:There are in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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And again, Tifa, the queen of the hentai world, (why the queen, and how many games has been made about her?) If you take Kasumi, Chung-li and all the female characters from the Dragon quest and other games, none of the girls and a quarter of games from games With Tifa) fell into the hands of perverts, that we will be with her and so you know, but here at the end of the game this is her last ... adventure. (Yeah, dreamed that whatever happened to it, we already know that games with it will not stop ripping)

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