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Virgins of Lily town / 百合町の処女

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Virgins of Lily town / 百合町の処女
Original title:百合町の処女
Release date:2013/10/19
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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"Lilly Town".
Over the long time is there, barbarians called Dado ~ uru was reigning.
Despicably possessive, Dado ~ uru was edible and consolation to the women's group called Rirumu.
Rirumu is relegated to the Holdback district, so as to give the body itself, to Imawashiki law was imposed Rirumu you have grown further.
Years of fire, 12 people took the sword. Years of water 23 people, was four years of wind.
The Aragai fated both cursed, aimed at the outside world of the corridor, but it did not come true.
And the year to be chaotic, Rirumu eight took the sword ....
The crush the enemy in the charming hips!
Dark fantasy RPG dungeon and magic of skill in the spin etch animation Battle

- Game specification "Virgin of Yuri town" "virgin lily of town"
Dungeon RPG for WINDOWS XP / vista / 7/8
full-color full-screen "screen resolution 1280x720 (window display possible)"
Explore the numeric keypad the labyrinth of full-length keyboard operation and all 30th Street.
arrange to your liking from the eight rich party configuration personality of up to four people
etch battle scene also the animation is changed by the full-length full voice full animation armor
Can also skip the configuration of production
enemy all more than 40 armor all 100 or more stunt All 30 species of attack system, recovery system, auxiliary system
also possible to make money milking system installed, you can not fight
Please check the operation before you can trial purchase up to Third Avenue - character level 3 trial.

Deeper night, fog eternal visited knight Victoria Konoe, the source of that Annie reached the growth in the slum.
It was in order to ask the coalition to the Australian arm. Olga prodigal nobility, then follow the Want a close friend of Victoria.
It asked the source of Mei fans succeed length Fourier of the people of sand, ultra- law, Gabriela of several defensive, urged the unity of Gyakuzoku.
And, Lulu of the old and the District of Yayoi heresy heard the rumors, arrive to slam at the end.
And without waiting for the dawn, eight aim at the outside world. The way, the voice of Dado ~ uru Laughing Azake a foolish undertaking echoed ....
dark fantasy and magic of technology
So, Please enjoy the "virgin lily of town" Dungeon RPG

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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