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Mystic traveleR -Sintrigue In Veilcura- 3.0 / Mystic traveleR -淫謀のヴェールクーラ-

Japanese Games
Mystic traveleR -Sintrigue In Veilcura- 3.0 / Mystic traveleR -淫謀のヴェールクーラ-
Original title:Mystic traveleR -淫謀のヴェールクーラ-
Release date:2014/12/29
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8

The Snow species was famous for its sexual compatibility with males of all kinds.
Young girl Locca's own ambition as a Human-Snow halfbred was to discover treasure in
The mythical ruins of Veilcura, where the legend had it.
Your adventure is shaped by choice:
Will Locca's journey end with her purity intact,
Or will she-and-you-embrace her natural Snow instinct?
To feel good is a natural desire, but the study could be very bad ...
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