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14-09-2020, 11:12

JK Bitch Pakopako Life / JKビッチぱこぱこライフ

Japanese Games
JK Bitch Pakopako Life / JKビッチぱこぱこライフ
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:JKビッチぱこぱこライフ
Release date:2015/10/16
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

I of the age, the sexual desire of "Keiichi Kaga" increase every day in a Cherry Boy career. But the reality is cruel. It is not possible for me who do not have a partner doing Masturbation. I do Girls and Sex, and want to do Creampie! Therefore I decided to approach the Girls ...... "na, naa." I and se, se, sekku ...... After all be not Nan ...... I am incompetent Rais ......" What is? " Do you want to have sex with me? It is one Bitch to have called out to such me. Accepted you without refusing me. Also, be the development that is delicious to be able to do it in various ways because the partner is Bitch ...... As for me, Sex is made this even when! May make even Harem. "Anything is good"! Be chances to make Sex!
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