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16-09-2020, 09:56

I am your Guignol 1.04 / 涙声のギニヨル

Japanese Games
I am your Guignol 1.04 / 涙声のギニヨル
Original title:涙声のギニヨル
Release date:2017/07/25
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

Guinelle is the source of strife created by humanity itself.
Soulless dolls with one purpose ... to kill.
Conflicts intensified in their hands.
In their hands, the world has moved to the path of destruction.
They do not realize. They do not think.
They simply kill, steal, rob and feel nothing.
This chain of strife urged people to decide the future.
In the end, mankind has finally chosen the right decision ...
To seal every last Gunill and never use them again.
Although the threat was no longer there, the damage was already catastrophic.
All that lay now before the open eyes of mankind ...
... there were deserts of scrap metal and rust ... and monsters.
You, our young hero, live in one such place ...
In the iron desert city of Elgerite ...
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