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27-09-2020, 16:41

Neighborhood Accompaniment Club ~Newly Married Big-Breasted J* Yui / 御近所援交倶楽部~新婚巨乳J●【唯依】~

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Neighborhood Accompaniment Club ~Newly Married Big-Breasted J* Yui / 御近所援交倶楽部~新婚巨乳J●【唯依】~
Original title:御近所援交倶楽部~新婚巨乳J●【唯依】~
Release date:2019/09/20
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The first release in an animation series about paying wives for accompaniment.

Yui is a big-breasted high schooler that just married her old teacher,
but she'll happily suck your dick too.

Video contents can also be controlled via touch on smartphone.
*For the smartphone version, please access from [DLsite Play].

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