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29-09-2020, 13:23

Pain sharing ~your pain, is my pain~ / Pain sharing~あなたの痛みは私の痛み~

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Pain sharing ~your pain, is my pain~ / Pain sharing~あなたの痛みは私の痛み~



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Pain sharing~あなたの痛みは私の痛み~

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"I'm sorry for always making you feel pain."
"I do not want you to be alone in your anguish."
"Let's make a pact alright?"
"From now on, your pain, is my pain okay?"
"So, please, take better care of yourself ..."
... Miele and Lala made a forbidden pact when they were young.
A pact that allows them to share one another's pain. Literally.
In exchange for this pact, they received great power ...
... 10 years have passed since that day.
Miele became a Magician and Lala, a princess.



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