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Magical Change Alice 1.06 / マジカルチェンジアリス

Japanese Games
Magical Change Alice 1.06 / マジカルチェンジアリス
Original title:マジカルチェンジアリス
Release date:2015/05/12
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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World science has both evolved along with the magic.
So talk heroine of "Alice" to attend to magic school.
Alice enrolled as grandson of grandfather is a great magician,
Alice himself but strive to study and want to be a large witch,
She was only fairly average talent.
Grandfather who Mikane such a grandson as her track record making,
Everyone to the time.
The magic school of the student council has strong aspects such as convenient engagement of teachers and parts,
I was pressed against the name of the work of the various requests.
It was Alice that I think I want a break,
If successfully Konasere until graduating from the work of the student council,
Is probable be able to approach large witch.
Alice while doing the work with fellow student council,
To that work hard and aim to successfully graduate.
However, further hardship listens to the work hard Alice.
Devil grandfather was a long time ago is,
He was trying to revive.
In place of the grandfather, you have left the active service, Alice challenge the devil sealed.
I wonder if it's possible to the mediocre Alice Unlike grandfather?
I started with Nashikuzushi of Alice
Hachamecha of school life I wonder what heck !?

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