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4-10-2020, 13:54

Elven Girl's Service ~Becomes A Cumdump From Today On~ / エルフにおまかせ ~今日から村の精液便所~

Japanese Games
Elven Girl's Service ~Becomes A Cumdump From Today On~ / エルフにおまかせ ~今日から村の精液便所~
Original title:エルフにおまかせ ~今日から村の精液便所~
Release date:2018/04/17
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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* An extremely salacious Elven girl "Clair-chan" serves as a cumdump
in a dwarves' village! Let's make the villagers' balls completely empty!
* When she satisfies a villager, he may give her a swimwear or a cosplay costume ...!
To change swimwear, do cosplay, be bukkaked ...
Enjoy various ecchi in various states!
* Positions you have seen can be replayed in her room!

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