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7-10-2020, 16:26

SEQUEL awake / SEQUELアウェイク

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SEQUEL awake / SEQUELアウェイク



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PC / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

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Game Play
The genre is RPG.
Overall playing time is around 25 hours only with the game's capture,
it is also possible to take around almost all data and to go around.
There is no event that assumes laps.

In game strategy, you can always check what you should do in the game.
You can also save at any time while you are on the move.

In battle, the player can freely choose the difficulty level. We are offering easy difficulty levels for those who want to enjoy events and H scenes.
The difficulty level can be changed at any time during play.
There is no difference in events and scenes in any degree of difficulty.

There is no penalty, in particular, even if it gets wiped out in battle.
You can resume from the base location without losing what you got at that time.


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