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9-10-2020, 13:44

Priest Ichimen / Priest Nobumome / ♀プリーストいぢめ / ♀プリーストいぢめ

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Priest Ichimen / Priest Nobumome / ♀プリーストいぢめ / ♀プリーストいぢめ
Original title:♀プリーストいぢめ / ♀プリーストいぢめ
Release date:2018/07/22
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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It is a simulation type of action game that sexually appoints a weak support post "Priest" to "escape failure state abnormality". Story There is no element in particular.

Dot picture Dynamic movement of a character like animation work is scanty, but
if you reprove you resist disgusting and show various facial expressions, if you fall weak enough to culminate it, you can
restrain it and drag it.

Various monsters and things will animate nullly.
I like situations, I am supposed to add delusions to those I like.

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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