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13-10-2020, 16:09

ToLOVE Ru Diary SISTER / とらぶるだいあり~・しすたぁ

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ToLOVE Ru Diary SISTER / とらぶるだいあり~・しすたぁ
Original title:とらぶるだいあり~・しすたぁ
Release date:2018/10/27
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Kindan noamaama love story of a main character of the school Nama and the remote Younger Sister of the year.

Mandarin oranges of the Younger Sister of the busybody always did it well, and took care of the older brother.
But ... that there was actually the feeling that wanted to fawn on suitability like Younger Sister in a year like more child.
Triggered by the Koto which took a bath together after a long absence
Of the Kindan is related, but the Kage of the boyfriend appears and disappears to a mandarin orange, too.
Do only play with the older brother to actually have a boyfriend?
How are the whereabouts of the Ren of the Kindan ...?
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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