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20-10-2020, 16:33

Hataraku ai ri ga kiri kirisu v.1.0 / 働くアイリがキリ斬りス

Japanese Games
Hataraku ai ri ga kiri kirisu v.1.0 /  働くアイリがキリ斬りス
Original title:働くアイリがキリ斬りス
Release date:2019/02/01
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Everyone accepts Guild The strongest swordsman Airi is unable to swing by misfortune and scandal.
She lost the sword has no choice but to earn with a part-time job she is not used to repaying debts and fine,
Both the body and mind are used for desires and intrigues to enter the red light district.

It is an RPG that is cheated by the malice of many people, loses money, and is stained with shame.
Through many experiences of H, Yuigami and arrogant airs endure shame, anger, losing to libido, sorrow,
Refreshing, growing, branching deprives the spirit and falls.

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