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26-10-2020, 16:45

Ice ~ Demon Dragon Quest ~ v.1.02 / アイス~魔龍クエスト~

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Ice ~ Demon Dragon Quest ~ v.1.02 / アイス~魔龍クエスト~
Original title:アイス~魔龍クエスト~
Release date:2018/02/10
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Story In the
past, the continent where humans live was almost destroyed by the demon dragon,
A man seals the dragon and the crisis on the continent ends and becomes peaceful--
half a century since then ...
A mysterious magician who knew the existence of the dragon unsealed the dragon, and the
awakened dragon regained its continent. The monsters on the continent have become ferocious and attack humans in order to reduce the turmoil and fear .
After that, the main character "Ice", who lived in a rural village in a mediocre manner, heads for the castle where the demon dragon was sealed in order to restore peace.
On the way to the castle, I had to complete a certain number of quests (requests) in each area's guild in order to pass through the checkpoints set up at the boundaries of each area.
There are a wide variety of quests, from easy to dangerous, and a difficult journey for girl ice cream is about to begin ...

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