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Dungeon Town EX v. / ダンジョンタウンEX+ ~エルフィードの名犬&全イベントCG集プラスパッチ

Japanese Games
Dungeon Town EX v. / ダンジョンタウンEX+ ~エルフィードの名犬&全イベントCG集プラスパッチ
Original title:ダンジョンタウンEX+ ~エルフィードの名犬&全イベントCG集プラスパッチ
Release date:2018/07/23
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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"Makai no Hana" opened in a certain village, and an incident occurred in which monsters overflowed.
A skillful adventurer, "Ruins Crossing Zeno", goes to a solution, but is raped by "Monster Musume Succubus" and is set to level 1.
Succubus, who fell in love with him at first sight, offered a deal to exchange "semen" and "incubus medicine" ...
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