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3-11-2020, 19:30

Squirting Heroine Acmerize / 潮吹きヒロイン アクメリゼ

Japanese Games
Squirting Heroine Acmerize / 潮吹きヒロイン アクメリゼ
Original title:潮吹きヒロイン アクメリゼ
Release date:2019/06/15
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Squirting orgasms to power up!?
The transforming masochist heroine Acmerize is here!

Ikumi is an ordinary (?) lewd masochist girl.
She is suddenly kidnapped by the evil "Fem-Pig Claw" organization,
and is turned into "Acmerize", the transforming heroine who gets stronger through orgasms.

Ikumi begins to be pleasure trained in order to make her an obedient servant.
She manages to escape this situation, and decides to fight against the Fem-Pig Claw
and win back her old body!

I'm can't take it anymore!
I know, I'll become a heroine of justice!
I'll take down the Fem-Pig Claw with my own hands!

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