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4-11-2020, 19:03

I'm a Magic Girl ~Kidnapped and Impregnated by the Demon Lord / 俺は魔法少女 ~魔王(しんゆう)に連れ去られて孕ませ宣言されました~

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I'm a Magic Girl ~Kidnapped and Impregnated by the Demon Lord / 俺は魔法少女 ~魔王(しんゆう)に連れ去られて孕ませ宣言されました~
Original title:俺は魔法少女 ~魔王(しんゆう)に連れ去られて孕ませ宣言されました~
Release date:2019/08/23
License:Original (licensed)

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Aoi was an ordinary male student when one day, a fairy appeared before him
and turned him into a magic girl by accident!

She must now work to stop the evil organization and bring peace to society!

She managed to save her friend Shizuya one day from the evil organization,
but it turned out that this was a plan set by Shizuya!

Shizuya was actually a demon lord, and had taken her away to his chambers to
impregnate her and make her his own!

Now you must help Aoi escape from his clutches before it's too late...!

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