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That's why thief Sylphy became a slave v.1.01 / 彼女が奴隷になった理由-女盗賊シルフィと眠らない島-

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That's why thief Sylphy became a slave v.1.01 / 彼女が奴隷になった理由-女盗賊シルフィと眠らない島-
Original title:彼女が奴隷になった理由-女盗賊シルフィと眠らない島-
Release date:2019/09/08
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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A female thief, Sylphy, who lives with her sister in a poor area.
Sylphy, who repeats theft to earn treatment costs for her weak sister Telese, hears a treasure story called "Abyss of Shenzhen" in the middle of work.
It is stored in the basement of the "Diesel Country", an island country with strong spiritual faith, and the power of the spirit is sealed inside.
Fortunately, a festival called Spirit Festival has been held for a week in Diesel Country,
Sylphy, who bought information that the security of the castle was weak, heads to the diesel country to steal the Shenzhen Orb.

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