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12-11-2020, 16:10

Hero Crystal Mina v.1.01 / NTRヒロイン クリスタルミナ

Japanese Games
Hero Crystal Mina v.1.01 / NTRヒロイン クリスタルミナ
Original title:NTRヒロイン クリスタルミナ
Release date:2019/10/09
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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A cute, pretty girl who has a boyfriend everywhere "Otokura Mina".
She united with the light spirit “Navi” to become the heroine of justice “Crystal Mina”.
The enemy is an evil demon who aims at this place, "Chaotic Three Musketeers".
Crystal Mina fights the devil for justice, for peace, for lovers!
But Crystal Mina needed "life energy" or "semen" to fight-

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