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Twilight Cat's / -猫娘と人間の欲情日記-

Japanese Games
Twilight Cat's / -猫娘と人間の欲情日記-
Original title:-猫娘と人間の欲情日記-
Release date:2019/10/22
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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In another world in extra-dimensional space...
On a certain planet, a fierce war has been raging on.
The peaceful kingdom of Suuhashiba is on the verge of falling to the evil kingdom of Daakutani.

The princess of Suuhashiba, Aya Cat, is tasked by the king to go to the human world to seek out sacred stones.
Aya heads to the human world, and soon learns of the need for currency to get anything done...
But soon Aya will be corrupted by the pleasures of the human world.
Can she find the 4 stones, save the kingdom, and end the war..?

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