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Princess Escape / プリンセスエスケープ

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Princess Escape / プリンセスエスケープ
Original title:プリンセスエスケープ
Release date:2019/10/29
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Princess Charlotte of the Kingdom came to the fort on the front of the battle with the monsters.
However, during the welcome party, a horde of monsters stormed the fort. The fort falls and the princess becomes captive.

In order to be dedicated to the Demon King, the princess continues to be trained by the wooden equipment.
Now he is confined and trained by an intelligent monster,
If you go out one step, you will get caught in a less intelligent auger or goblin,
There will be a humiliation that will be beaten.
However, if it remains as it is, it will be succumbed to the training of monsters and it will only be made a demon king's meat slave.

If you ca n’t see your hopes,
At one point, the outside was noisy and no surveillance monsters appeared.
Apparently, the fort's recapture operation by the Kingdom Army seemed to have started.

“There is only now,” says the princess, trying to escape while dragging a heavy kite.

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