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27-11-2020, 13:26

Irma & Milli - The UNDER COVERs / イルマ&ミリィ The UNDER COVERs

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Irma & Milli - The UNDER COVERs / イルマ&ミリィ The UNDER COVERs
Original title:イルマ&ミリィ The UNDER COVERs
Release date:2010/06/13
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Humiliation, violation, gang-bang and slavery... The alley fight between the 2 police women and a criminal organization started!? Irma Asta and Milliam Duffoner are the most famous partners in the notorious 2nd division. All the things they do are over-the-top. They are currently working on the case of a serial missing cases of women. However, they couldn't embark on the investigation of the suspected organization named Onzereau, which is one of the biggest criminal organizations in Europe. They decided to penetrate their stronghold called "Guest Palace" to clean their tarnished reputation and solve the case. However, what they found in the establishment was scenes of a very filthy sex-related business... Can the they resolve the case? And also, can they make their way out of the Guest Palace safely!? This is a comical adventure game on a hit-or-miss basis!

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